Oriental wok: delivering balance in performance

Traditional oriental cooking highlight the flame as the source of cooking and this view has been consistent in modern days. Professional Chefs around the world have the appetite for a powerful ranges, while the market has yet... Read more »

Oriental steamer: robust and high performance

Steaming is such an important concept of cooking emphasizing on the originality of taste, keeping its freshness and nourishment, minimizing both flavor and nutritional loss. Looking back to the time where stoneware is used... Read more »

First class mobile teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is, undoubtedly, one-of-the most popular cooking accepted internationally, and one would agree that it doesn’t stop where it is now. People are challenging the technology further, demanding mobility and performance... Read more »

Versatile, fast and powerful salamander

A must have for every professional kitchen. Available in Single Phase Electrical connection, controlled by a digital display with timer and power management features. Designed with three sides access to keep up with the high... Read more »